Saturday, September 17, 2011

Great news

Van is fixed and running great.  My mechanic found 2 bare wires that were rubbing together which was causing a lot of problems.  Simple in expensive fix and the test drive went perfect.  So glad to have that behind me.   A good honest mechanic is like gold.  Thanks Tim

Friday, September 16, 2011

oh well

So today I show up at my mechanic's shop all excited to pick up my van.  Well,  it broke down while waiting to get picked up.  Check engine light came on and ran really rough.  Thankfully Tim looked at and has a pretty good idea of what is wrong.   Unhappy of course but thankful it broke down at that moment instead of a 100 miles away on a camping trip.   OUCH

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Repair update

OK,  I'm excited.  My van is almost ready to come home.  Lot of repairs including a new fuel pump, new transmission selector switch and a  couple of support brackets.   All the work is done and now it just needs to be put back together and road tested.  Been a long time coming but I hope to  be road worthy for a long time to come?  Fingers crossed !   

Not sure of the bill yet?  It will be expensive but not a bank breaker.  Hopefully worth it in the long run?  Weather is nice now in the south and I look forward to camping.   Open to suggestions of places to camp within a 100 miles of Atlanta.  Maybe Muscle Shoals ??  :)  GRIN