Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New bed experiment

Currently I have a fixed bed in my rig with a high dollar XL twin mattress.  It's a nice heavy sturdy bed with good storage below.  Problem is that it takes up a ton of room and I'm wanting to add a more comfortable recliner.  (Yes,  I know...  I'm a dude)

So  I already own a really nice inflatable type camping pad and I've recently purchased a 4 inch high density foam pad  (also XL Twin)

Today I've ordered a Teton XL cot from Amazon.   It gets rave reviews and is supposed to be very big, very sturdy and very comfortable.   I decided to give it a shot.   The idea will be to have a more portable bed that I can move around as need be. I may sacrifice a bit of comfort but the flexibility will be very much enjoyed.

If it doesn't work out as a semi permanent bed in my rig it will still be nice to have for guests in my RV in Ellijay.    I'll re-post with a follow up when I get it all set up and sleep on it a few nights.

Kenny out



Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This link is a great resource for people who want to or need to learn about the Vandwelling lifestyle


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Camping finally

Well I was able to get a day off from the grind and spend the weekend camping with some friends in the Tennessee foothills. Enjoyed myself but the rain came in Torrents late Saturday afternoon and I decided to sissy out and head for home a night early. Really nice to be able to share a camp fire with my friends and get some relaxation in. Will this RAIN EVER STOP ? Kenny out

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Auto accident

May 14th was doing a bit of Dog rescue picking up a pitbull puppy to bring to my friend Sandra when a Napa auto parts truck driver fell asleep at the wheel. His truck crossed over into my lane and hit me broadside. I cut my face, suffered a concussion and a moderate back injury. The more severe injury is to my neck which now hurts 24/7. My car was totaled so I'm forced to go out and find another car. Amazing how much your life can change in a split second. I do realize how fortunate I am to be alive.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pretty quiet on the RV Camping Front

Busy with life's chores. Hope to get out there and do some quality camping with my buddies. Cold rainy spring so far in Atlanta but finally warming up nicely. Let's go CAMPING !!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ready for the new season

Well spring hopefully is on it's way and I declare my van in good shape and ready for the season. 

Had a minor repair plus an oil change and gas filter change and now it's running as well as it's ever been before.

I came up with a new name  Van Diesel  :)

I recently drove about 150 miles and came in at a solid 15 mpg.   Not too bad considering the size and weight of the vehicle.   Diesel is currently 3.86 a gallon so  I'm hoping to have the patience to drive 55 mph this season instead of my previous 62. 

I've also logged a few hours on the interior, constantly re-arranging and adding and removing items.

I spent some big money on a Olympian Wave 6 propane heater as the little Coleman wasn't quite getting the job done.  Anyone who knows me knows I don't like the cold.

Anyway...   That's me in my nut shell  :)

Kenny out