Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New bed experiment

Currently I have a fixed bed in my rig with a high dollar XL twin mattress.  It's a nice heavy sturdy bed with good storage below.  Problem is that it takes up a ton of room and I'm wanting to add a more comfortable recliner.  (Yes,  I know...  I'm a dude)

So  I already own a really nice inflatable type camping pad and I've recently purchased a 4 inch high density foam pad  (also XL Twin)

Today I've ordered a Teton XL cot from Amazon.   It gets rave reviews and is supposed to be very big, very sturdy and very comfortable.   I decided to give it a shot.   The idea will be to have a more portable bed that I can move around as need be. I may sacrifice a bit of comfort but the flexibility will be very much enjoyed.

If it doesn't work out as a semi permanent bed in my rig it will still be nice to have for guests in my RV in Ellijay.    I'll re-post with a follow up when I get it all set up and sleep on it a few nights.

Kenny out